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Items to bring along or must be considered for visitors to Taman Negara


Loose-fitting, light-weight cotton such as T-shirt, Bermuda/loose short, long sleeved shirts and pants if you keep the inserts at bay. A jacket/cardigan is handy for early morning excursions or during the journey when it is raining.


Swimming suits/trunks, if you like to swim or participate in white water rafting


Sneakers/jogging shoes, jungle boots or any comfortable footwear with calico socks worn over trouser cuffs (to keep the leeches out!!). Beware of using new shoes –they should be well? Broken in? Before you set off on your trek! Worth to bring a pair of spare shoes because your shoes might get wet in Ear Cave and rapids shooting!


Haversack (rucksack) ?bag carried on the back or over the shoulder .Useful for carrying your water bottle ,drink & food , rain-coat/poncho , camera , binoculars , torchlight and ETC


Water bottle. You need to drink a lot of water to prevent heat stroke because of excessive sweating in the hill climbing & jungle trekking. (You could buy the mineral water at the mini markets at Mutiara Taman Negara Resort & Kuala Tahan Village . just across the Sungai Tembeling


Insert repellent and First-Aid kit are recommended


Umbrella or plastic poncho / rain-coat. There is No shelter along all the trails! There items help you when it rains to keep whatever you are carrying dry (e.g. camera & Wallet). Waterproof plastic bag is useful to wrap your wallet


 Alcohol such as beer, wine & ETC are either not available or you have to buy at resort price in Mutiara Resort. Worth to bring along if you do not like to miss them while in the rainforest


Personal items such as tooth paste and brush, hair cream & ETC are NOT supplied in the budget accommodation such as Tahan Guest House, Ekoton Village , Teresek View Motel and ETC . For those who stay there, please bring along your own! Basic toiletries like towel , soap & shampoo , however , are provided in Chalet at Mutiara Resort


Torchlight (a must for Gua Telinga and Night Walk), camera , film are of ASA 200 or 400 because of the very dim light


Insecticide, Baygon (Green colour) has proven to be effective in keeping the leeches out for a few hours. Spray it on your shoes and socks. Tobacco, Soap and Salt also helpful


Chocolate bars, banana, cookies, sweets and table salt could replenish instant energy when you are too exhausted in the midst of the jungle Trekking. Likewise, the salts lost from your body though sweat must be replenished to reduce muscles cramp.


Pouch? small bag carried or attached to a belt is useful for carrying small items like your wallet , sweat and ETC


For those who are on medication, please do not forget to bring your medicine and enough for the duration of your stay in Taman Negara.